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Fall Leagues

The fall leagues are preparation for next spring baseball season.  In most cases the age group is playing with rules similar to the league they will be playing in the following spring baseball season.  GBA plays games with neighboring communities in the fall such as Batavia and St. Charles. There are 12 games scheduled, weather permitting.  The Minor and up leagues will play a single elimination tournament at the end of the season, weather permitting.

Examples of leagues are as follows for the Fall:

Fall League 2018 transitions to Spring League 2019
Rookie (age 6/7) to Rookie (6/7)
Mustang (7) to Mustang (8)
Minor (8/9) to Minor (9/10)
Major (10/11) to Major (11/12)
Pony (12/13) to Pony (13/14)
Colt (14/15/16/17) to Colt (15/16/17)

League Fees for 2018 Fall Season

Rookie    :  $125
Mustang  :  $135
Minor      :  $135
Major      :  $150
Pony       :  $160
Colt        :  $160

($25 late fee will be applied starting Friday, August 10th)