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This is developmental league with an introduction to competitive baseball with emphasis on skill development and good sportsmanship. The player's are introduced to pitching at this level. During the first three weeks of the season, pitching will be considered instructional. After the instructional period, umpires will be at games to call balls and strikes. Base stealing is not allowed at this level.  Games will be six inning  with a maximum run limit of 4 runs for the first 4 innings. There is no run limit in the 5th and 6th innings.   Pitching dimensions are 42 feet, with bases 60 feet apart. Scores are kept but not reported.  Standings are also not maintained.  Practices start in early April and games start around the last Saturday in April.  There is a tournament scheduled at the end of the season.  Goal is to complete the tournament and season before the July 4th break.