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Rookie League

The Rookie league is an instructional league where the fundamentals of fielding and hitting are developed; Coaches pitch “flex” baseball. No scores are kept. The goal is to have fun and develop skills. 

The base lengths are 50' and the coaches pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions for GBA Rookie In-House Spring League
1. Question: How are teams formed?
Answer: All of our leagues go through a draft process and kids are selected by team managers and coaches. With Rookie we emphasize that kids are selected by schools and/or neighborhoods. However, the only way to guarantee a child's placement on a specific team is to have their parent or guardian as one of the official team coaches. What we generally see happen at this level is that most of the kids end up were they were wanted to be. However, this is not a guarantee.
2. Question: Can we request a specific team or manager for carpool reasons?
Answer:  While we may make every attempt to communicate these requests to the managers, it is up to them and their coaches to select players.. Please refer to answer for Question #1 for more details.
3. Question: When are the practices and games? How long does the season run?
Answer: Practices typically start the week after spring break, weather permitting. Games will generally begin in May and run through the end of June. Unfortunately, due to mother nature, the baseball schedule is not always as consistent as we would like. However, there will be scheduled practice dates and game dates that will be posted in advance. 
4. Question: What equipment does the GBA provide and What do I need to purchase for my child?

Answer: The GBA provides each player with a hat, jersey, pants and socks. There are also helmets available at each practice and game, however just about all the kids have their own these days due to hygiene concerns. GBA also provides catcher equipment for each team.  The equipment that you will need to get: Glove, Cleats (rubber), & Athletic Cup (boy players).   Optional equipment are Bat, Batting Helmet and Carry Bag. Note that each year in March we have a GBA sponsored discount day at Dicks Sporting Goods in the Geneva Commons.